Out Da Box Talks Episode 48 – Napoleon Da Legend Interview

In this Episode 48 Of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Native D.C. Emcee "Napoleon Da Legend" on his inspirations to Emcee and have a career in Hip Hop, he also talks about his upbringing and how it has influenced his perspective and thought provoking rhymes, how he got the name Napoleon, maintaining consistency as an artist and eventually getting to a place where one can enjoy the fruits of their labor.  He also talks about the themes and inspirations for his recent Street Universe LP with producer Giallo Point, his The Stuff Of Legend Project with Producer Ro Data and his latest Dragon Ball G project produced by himself.  The interview is quite insightful and gives a good glimpse into the creative mindset of Napoleon Da Legend.  His catalog is extremely vast and there's so much to uncover with his clever approach to Hip Hop albums, but hopefully this interview introduces you if its your first time learning of him.  If you are already familiar, then hopefully the conversation enhances your experience with his music.  Be Inspired, Enjoy! Listen below or at this link

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Out Da Box Talks Episode 47 (Jamil Honesty Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with native Staten Island, now Baltimore, MD Emcee "Jamil Honesty" on his inspiration to Rap, growing up in Staten Island, moving to Baltimore and developing as an artist.  He also talks about his collaboration with Producer "Hobgoblin" and the Marty Music series, as well as some of the themes on the latest project, telling his truth in his music, his approach as an artist and much more. Jamil's sound is very reminiscent of the raw 90's Wu Tang, East Coast Hip Hop sound but he demonstrates in his own unique way.  Definitely a sharp lyricist who has a lot to offer to the hip hop artform.  I certainly hope you enjoy and are inspired by this interview.  Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 46 (J. Sands Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with native Pittsburgh Emcee "J. Sands" on his inspirations to Emcee and pursue music, his beginnings with Hip Hop group "Lone Catalysts" comprised of himself and producer "J. Rawls", learning the music business and growing as an entrepreneur and independent artist, his latest project VFBOYAB "Vote For Biden Or You Aint Black", why he chose to title the Album after the said Joe Biden comment, the "Karen" track which takes a thought provoking approach and critically expounds on the popular "Karen Meme" as well as the idea of white privelage, his new single "Da Rona" reflecting on the effects of the Corona virus and the impact of the pandemic,  his previous "The Black Revolution Album", some of the subject matter and themes on the LP and more.  Listen below or a this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 45 (Speech of Arrested Development Interview)

Originally aired on our youtube channel: Out Da Box TV, Hosts Cril and A-Level talk in depth with native Milwaukee Emcee, and southern Hip Hop pioneer "SPEECH" of the Grammy Award winning Hip Hop group "Arrested Development" on his early ubringings, his inspirations to pursue music,  growing with Arrested Development, from the good times to the challenges and good again, his current relationship with the original members of the group, who AD comprises of today, their Brand New LP "Don't Fight Your Demons", collaborating with Producer "Configa", his Christianity faith and how he views it, the impact of the late but important "Baba Oje" and what he meant to Arrested Development, his docuseries "The Nigga Factory", consciousness in Hip Hop and much more.  Be Inspired! Check out he full video of the episode on our youtube channel Out Da Box TV above and listen to the audio below or at this link.

Out Da Box Talks Episode 44 (Es Interview)

In this Interview Host Cril talks in depth with Mississauga/Toronto Ontario Emcee "Es" on his inspirations to Emcee, the Underground Hip Hop scene in Toronto, his successfully produced 2017 album "We Are Only Getting Older" along with some of the important themes that the project dealt with.  We talked about everything from Emcee's developing lyrical maturity and being more conscious of their lyrics, to what it looks like to age gracefully as an artist,  and finding the balance between music biz life and taking care of responsibilities with family life.  Es also takes the time to talk about times of doubt he experienced with pursuing his artist career and one of the things that helped him to overcome.  We also talk about his recent 2019 EP "Social Meteor Vol 1: Inspired by my Timeline", the inspirations for the project title, and some of the thought provoking concept records on the EP.  Fast forward to 2020, Es also gives a glimpse of the inspiration behind his latest project released earlier this week entitled "The Connected EP" with Producer "Pandamonium" the reasoning behind the project and what's been happening lately for him as an artist.  I feel like Es is one of the names in Hip Hop who embodies maturity and thought provoking content and is  important to the notion of pushing the culture of hip hop forward.  I had a good time building with the Ontario Emcee and certainly hope you are inspired!  Listen below or directly at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 43 (A-F-R-O Interview)

In this Episode 43 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Southern California Emcee "A-F-R-O" on how his inspirations to Rap, meeting his favorite Emcee "RA The Rugged Man" and eventually traveling the world and meeting some of his other favorite Hip Hop artists.  He talks about how his Emcee name A-F-R-O came to be, releasing his AFRO Polo project with Marco Polo in 2016 and why he's yet to release his first official Full Length album after a number of years of him making music.  He also takes the time to talk about his strengths as a Lyricist and what has helped him to be successful at freestyling and other aspects of his lyricsm.  In the interview A-F-R-O speaks on some of his challenges growing up from being bullied as a youth, and experiencing a car accident as a teenager along with how he was able to overcome and gain positive insight out of these experiences.  He even talks about his clever ability to do the fast rap, without jumbling or skipping over words yet still making the rhyme make sense. As a talented as the brother is, he's definitely one of the most humble artists I've interviewed.  If you are a true Hip Hop lyric fan and respectful of artists who truly contribute the progress of the Emcee Artform, I think you'll definitely appreciate this interview.  Be Inspired! Enjoy! Listen below or directly at this link

Out Da Box Talks 42 (Boog Brown Interview)

In Episode 42 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with native Detroit Emcee "Boog Brown" on her inspirations to rap, her experience moving from Detroit to Atlanta, becoming involved in the ATL Hip Hop scene, her Album/EP catalogue ranging from her original project with Apollo Brown entitled "The Brown Study", how the Remix of that project came to be, as well as her Sun Up, Late Bloom, Boog Brown and recent "Summer Daze Vol. 1 EP"  with Producer "Spitzwell".  She also talks about Dope Girl Magic, Black Girl Magic, the representation of Women in Hip Hop, shares thoughts on Cardi B and Megan the Stallion's popular WAP video, the impact of Black Love and much more. This is definitely an in-depth interview and gives viewers an insightful look into the thoughts and career of Boog Brown. A very talented Emcee who has offered a solid catalogue of Quality Hip Hop projects but has so much more to offer.  The interview is a little over 2 hours long but definitely worth the view/listen.  Hope you are inspired and enjoy!  Listen below or directly at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 41 (Pruven Interview)

In this Episode 41 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with NY Emcee "Pruven" on his inspirations to Emcee, collaborating with Vast Aire of the classic Cannibal Ox Hip Hop group, the inspiration for the artwork on his successful "Clandestine Rituals LP", working with producer "Jak Progresso", specific lyrics and themes on the album as well as his newer "Asiatic African Arts LP".  This interview is a quite in depth one and especially interesting if you are a fan of deciphering lyrics and appreciate intellectual talk.  I'm particularly proud of this interview because I was able to explore the meaning behind some of the thought provoking themes on these 2 projects in which Pruven actually released this year.  If you are already a fan of Pruven, I believe you'll certainly appreciate the interview.  If this is your first time learning of him, hopefully you'll be inspired to explore his music with an open mind.  Enjoy and Be Inspired!  Listen below and at this link

Episode 40 (The Good People Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with NY Hip Hop duo "The Good People" consisting of Emcee "Emskee" and Producer "Saint".  In this interview the duo talk about their history with Hip Hop and how the came together as a group, they also talk about their benevolent name and its significance to them.  They also talk about their soulful boom bap sound and how they've been able to maintain that vintage vibe in 2020.  The interview touches on themes like diversity in Hip Hop, reasons why thought provoking records are often unheard on commercial airwaves, giving recognition to the culture's original elements and valuing quality.  The interview also examines the possibility of one who has bias or a false perspective being able to change his/her viewpoints for the better, it also touches on the subject of Black and Brown people standing strong and "NOT Self Destructing" despite the numerous incidents of police brutality and acts of racial injustice.  We go on to talk about Producer "Saint's" jazzy soulful production and what inspires him to consistently create that sound, the meaningful lyrics but upbeat vibe of their music that you can also dance to, how the group came together with Emcee's Horror City, Carta P and Quentin Gilmore to form their most recent EP project entitled The Starting 5ive, the authentic NY Hip Hop sound and more.  Overall this was an insightful interview and if you're not familiar with "The Good People" I hope you feel encouraged to listen to their music, which really embodies their name in my opinion.  "The Good People" make "Good feeling" but meaningful music!  Listen below and at this link