Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Mix (New Music April/May 2020)

In this Brand New "Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Mix" Host Cril plays some of the Newest Creative and Conscious Hip Hop tracks that came out between the months of April and May 2020. The mix originally aired Live on Mixcloud on May 30th 2020. Now it's archived for you to listen to if you didn't get a chance to hear the full mix. New Music features from MidaZ The BEAST, Squeegie O, Jahi and Configa, R.A. The Rugged Man, Atmosphere, Qulle Chris and Chris Keys, Cavalier, Merrill Garbus, Homeboy Sandman, Young RJ, Focus The Truth, Sankofa, Tanya Morgan, Shabaam Sahdiq and J57, Bishop Nehru, MF DOOM, Pow Bundy, Cormega, M1 of dead prez, Markis Precise, Talib Kweli, Charlie Smarts, Sy Ari Da Kid, D Smoke, Passport Rav, Cambatta, Skanks, Tha God Fahim, Sharp., Ray West, Eloh Kush, Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist, Conway The Machine, Che Noir, Apollo Brown, Ka, MH The Verb, Skyzoo, Styles P, MC Esoteric, Mr. Lif and Stu Bangas, AZ, Soul King, Cashus King, Big Tone, Blu and Exile

Out Da Box Talks Episode 25 (Focus The Truth Interview)

In this Episode 25 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Queens Emcee "Focus The Truth" on his New Album entitled "Immortal" alongside some of the Thought Provoking topics expressed in his lyrics.  He takes a moment to explain how he came up with his Emcee Name and why he decided to title the Album "Immortal".  We talk about his outlook on his home town "Queens NYC" and its successful impact on Hip Hop as well as his clear delivery as an Emcee and what inspired his conscious approach to rap.  In the interview, Focus also takes the time to reflect on the influence his Father had on him as an Entrepreneur and how he's been able to use the wisdom to encourage him in his music career.  The conversation goes on to talk on subjects which range from thinking positive in negative circumstances to brief thoughts around combatting police brutality as well as how he would like his Legacy to be remembered as an Emcee.  Definitely check this interview out when you get a chance.  Focus The Truth's vocal delivery and thought provoking messages as an Emcee make him a name worthy of recognition in Hip Hop for today and years to come. Hope you are inspired! Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Radio Presents “LIVE” New Hip Hop Mix (Sat. May 30th, 2020)

Tune in Tomorrow (Saturday May 30th, 2020) on our #OutDaBoxRadio Mixcloud Page at 10pm EST to listen to Host Cril play a mix of BRAND NEW Creative and Conscious Hip Hop! (Yes all "New" tracks from some of the Best that Underground Hip Hop has to offer in 2020).  At 10pm EST Saturday, Just click the image above to go directly to listen page or go straight to this link

Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 24 – Passport Rav Interview

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril speaks in depth with Emcee/Producer "Passport Rav" about his Brand New EP "Dual Citizenship".  At the beginning of the interview, Rav explains how he got started as an Emcee and what lead to him developing a respectful relationship with the Legendary "LL Cool J".  He also explains the inspiration for the consistent "Travel Themes" that appear in the majority of his music.  Passport Rav explains how he came up with the title "Dual Citizenship" and what he wanted to convey with the EP.  He also gives insight to thought provoking themes on the EP, like "Outter Riches, Inner Poverty" and what it would take to make a shift to a more consciously progressive path as a people.  He speaks briefly on the concept of the "Circadian Rhythm" and what his intentions were in creating a song named after the title. He talks about learning to live with "Loss and Gain" and attempting to see it in the most positive way in this day and age, while reflecting on the great things he's learned from loved ones like his deceased Uncle Charles.  He even takes the time  to ponder what it would be like if the late great "Malcolm X" were alive today and using Social Media  to navigate beyond the distractions/ trolls in order get his message across. The interview is packed with a lot of significant topics dealing with everything from Improving Self to growing in Spiritual Awareness, Black Pride, Healing and more.  I certainly hope you  listen with an open mind and will be inspired positively by this awesome interview.  Listen below or stream directly at this link

Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 22 (Squeegie O Interview)

In this Episode 23 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Staten Island Emcee "Squeegie O" on his Brand New LP "From Niggaz to Godz".  He explains how the music came together with Producer "P Soulist" and what inspired the Album Title and significance of the Album Cover.  Squeegie also takes the time to answer the question "What it would take for the average Hip Hop fan to wake up and demand more substance from Artists?", while also recognizing the negative outcomes of following fraudulent Rappers and valuing the importance of Conscious lyrics over hustle and business in Hip Hop. Host Cril also talks to Squeegie about lines referenced from his tracks "Step Brovaz, Saturdayz and Negro 911" that reflect on thought provoking topics dealing with Self reflection, the misconceptions of the "Hood", the perception of the "Real Nigga" and more.  Indeed this was an insightful interview and if you're a fan of that authentic NY Hip Hop sound reminiscent of artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Tragedy Khadafi, Capone-N-Noreaga and others alike, I think you'll enjoy Squeegie O's new LP "From Niggaz to Godz".  In addition, his lyrics are consistently thought provoking and conscious minded, questioning the degrading aspects of the Hip Hop industry and its impact on the today's generation.  I certainly hope that this interview will inspire you to check out his music if you haven't heard it already, and enhance your appreciation for him as an artist if you have.  Either way, I hope you enjoy!  Listen below and directly at this link

Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 22 (POW BUNDY Interview)

In this Episode 22 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril chats with Ohio Hip Hop duo "POW BUNDY", comprised of 2 Emcees (Cas Metah and Blast Mega). The interview mainly focuses on themes and topics addressed in their New Self Titled LP released in late March of this year. The duo starts off the interview by giving a brief history on how they initially met and came together for the "Pow Bundy" album. They also talk about the significance of the "Married With Children/ Al Bundy" theme which is showcased on the cover art and how the Bundy name correlates with the Blue Collar/ Working Class message of the album. The duo also break down the meanings behind certain songs and lines on the album as the interview continues.  There's so much to uncover in listening to this "Pow Bundy" LP but one thing is for sure, is that it speaks clearly on the injustices and and common struggles of the working class, blue collar majority. If you're into thought provoking Hip Hop, expressive of social political and economic challenges of the people then this "Pow Bundy" album is certainly worth a listen. It's definitely cohesive in the theme and represents Hip Hop in its most outspoken form. Hope this interview is inspiring! Check out the interview below and at the link

Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 21 (MidaZ the BEAST Interview)

In this Brand New Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host "Cril" talks with Orlando Emcee/Writer "MidaZ the BEAST" on his new Album "Where The Sidewalk Ends" as well as how he's been able to establish a name and recognition in Hip Hop coming out of Orlando.  MidaZ delivers some insightful words in this interview about the process of creating  "Where The Sidewalk Ends", working with Producer "Delle Digga", and the inspiration and significance behind the music, as well as the album cover art.  Cril gets MidaZ to break down the meaning behind some clever quotables (lines) from the album, creating the atmosphere for appreciating more of MidaZ's lyrical prowess.  MidaZ also takes the time to explain how he would like to be defined as an artist and shares a bit of insight into upcoming projects he has in store for the rest of 2020 and beyond.  I had a lot of fun doing this interview! especially during the quotable moments.  If you're a fan of MidaZ or his new Album "Where The Sidewalk Ends", I think you'll truly enjoy this episode. If you're new to MidaZ then I think you're in for a treat in learning about a really dope Artist.  Either way, I hope you certainly enjoy! Be Safe, Be Inspired, Be Healthy!  Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 20 (Jay Electronica and Royce’s New LPs, New Releases of 2020, DJ Premier and Rza)

New Episode up today from Out Da Box Talks hosts Cril and A-Level.  I "Cril" apologize for putting this show up so late on this Friday, its honestly been a tough week for me, but wanted to get this one up for the Out Da Box fans/ listeners.  I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these challenging times we are facing via the Corona Virus Pandemic.  In this episode Cril and A-Level speak on  Jay Electronica's long awaited LP "A Written Testimony" and why we appreciate it for what it is among other compliments.  We wanted to focus on the good instead of the negatives.  We also talk about some other dope  Hip Hop releases of 2020 so far and reflect on the Historic DJ Premier and Rza DJ battle that took place on Instagram recently.  Hope you enjoy this one and stay inspired and stay loved during this time.  Enjoy! Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 19 (Supa Nova Slom Interview)

In this episode of Out Da Box Talks, Hosts Cril and A-Level speak in depth with Hip Hop Medicine Man "Supa Nova Slom" who has been involved in Holistic Wellness, Living and promoting the Healthy lifestyle for the majority of his life.  He is a Holistic Health Coach, a Published Author, a Combat Veteran and Vegan Body Builder among other titles.  We were so grateful to have him on our show, especially at a time where the world is experiencing the Coronavirus Pandemic.  He takes a moment to share how he was introduced into the Wellness Lifestyle being raised by his Mother, the renowned Holistic Healer "Queen Afua" .  He also talks about  his efforts and passion to impact the Hip Hop community through years of teaching and empowering our generation about Wellness.  He gives insight on everything from maintaining  good Mental Health to ways people can keep physically healthy and boost their immune system during times like this and beyond.   When asked about the role Hip Hop can play in activating its voice to empower and uplift during the time of this pandemic, Nova champions the Underground Artists as the ones who have always spoken up for the people whether in times of crisis or not and expects the same to happen.  However at large we understand that Hip Hop still has a long way to go in dealing with real matters that affect the people vs the frivolous, materialistic lifestyle that it often perpetuates.  He makes it clear that the Grassroots/Underground representers of Hip Hop is where we will continue to hear the impactful voice in Hip Hop and hopefully the mainstream will follow.  Nova also give a glimpse of what it was like to maintain his Plant Based Lifestyle while serving as a Soldier in Afghanistan and how he was able to inspire others on the path. Overall this interview was quite a successful and empowering one.  For anyone interested, Supa Nova currently has his successful book available digitallly for FREE at his website TheRemedyBook.Com and you can also visit the website of his plant based supplement company shared with his Brother "Ali" and cousin "Kazi" called  Supa Nova has been on the front lines of Wellness and Healing for our Hip Hop generation for many years.  We hope you are inspired and motivated to keep Healthy from this episode! As Supa Nova says "Wellness Salute!" and Safety to you and yours! Enjoy!  Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 18 (STIC of dead prez)

In this Brand New Episode 18 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Emcee "STIC" of the successful Hip Hop group "dead prez".  We talk about his newest LP "The Workout II" and the significance of the album, as well as how it differs from Part 1.  He also gives insight into how he's been responding to the current corona virus pandemic and shares some insightful words on how to stay inspired and motivated in these times. We talk about the term "Discipline" and how he's been able to implement it along with "Inspiration" as two essential wings of the RBG Fitclub Culture to keep motivated on the path of Health, Fitness and Wellness. He also shares insight on what it means to "Trust The Universe"  (a song titled on the album) and why it's important, as well as the success of his relationship with comrade "M1 of dead prez" from years of experience sharing with each other, to attending his recent wedding ceremony, and valuing their individual growth.  Stic's new LP "The Workout II" is one of the most inspirational displays of music to come out in 2020 and couldn't have come at a better time, whether you're into physical fitness or not, the project shares a wealth of lyrical motivation for anyone to listen to as it does not have any explicit content on it.  It can be found via his website now as well as on itunes as "The Workout II".  I certainly hope that this interview brings you inspiration in these current times.  Stay Safe and Healthy! Much Love!  Listen below and at this link