Out Da Box Talks Episode 41 (Pruven Interview)

In this Episode 41 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks in depth with NY Emcee "Pruven" on his inspirations to Emcee, collaborating with Vast Aire of the classic Cannibal Ox Hip Hop group, the inspiration for the artwork on his successful "Clandestine Rituals LP", working with producer "Jak Progresso", specific lyrics and themes on the album as well as his newer "Asiatic African Arts LP".  This interview is a quite in depth one and especially interesting if you are a fan of deciphering lyrics and appreciate intellectual talk.  I'm particularly proud of this interview because I was able to explore the meaning behind some of the thought provoking themes on these 2 projects in which Pruven actually released this year.  If you are already a fan of Pruven, I believe you'll certainly appreciate the interview.  If this is your first time learning of him, hopefully you'll be inspired to explore his music with an open mind.  Enjoy and Be Inspired!  Listen below and at this link

Episode 40 (The Good People Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with NY Hip Hop duo "The Good People" consisting of Emcee "Emskee" and Producer "Saint".  In this interview the duo talk about their history with Hip Hop and how the came together as a group, they also talk about their benevolent name and its significance to them.  They also talk about their soulful boom bap sound and how they've been able to maintain that vintage vibe in 2020.  The interview touches on themes like diversity in Hip Hop, reasons why thought provoking records are often unheard on commercial airwaves, giving recognition to the culture's original elements and valuing quality.  The interview also examines the possibility of one who has bias or a false perspective being able to change his/her viewpoints for the better, it also touches on the subject of Black and Brown people standing strong and "NOT Self Destructing" despite the numerous incidents of police brutality and acts of racial injustice.  We go on to talk about Producer "Saint's" jazzy soulful production and what inspires him to consistently create that sound, the meaningful lyrics but upbeat vibe of their music that you can also dance to, how the group came together with Emcee's Horror City, Carta P and Quentin Gilmore to form their most recent EP project entitled The Starting 5ive, the authentic NY Hip Hop sound and more.  Overall this was an insightful interview and if you're not familiar with "The Good People" I hope you feel encouraged to listen to their music, which really embodies their name in my opinion.  "The Good People" make "Good feeling" but meaningful music!  Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 39 (Sareem Poems Interview)

In this Episode of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Cali native, now Michigan Emcee "Sareem Poems" on his inspiration to become and Emcee, choosing to work with single producers on a majority of his albums,  how he met producer "Newselph" and what inspired the concept for their new album entitled "The Art Of Living", the significance behind the cover artwork and a number of topics referenced on the album dealing with everything from Family responsibility, appreciating the simple things in life, having gratitude, the importance of relatable Hip Hop records and the relatable presence as an Artist, planning for the future in the present, the difference between surviving and living and much more mature and thought provoking conversation.  I really enjoyed this interview, I think it resonates well with the idea of Fatherhood, Marriage, putting family as a priority and still maintaining balance with ones passion or artistry, yet appreciating life in its simplest form.  I truly believe that this is an inspirational interview and hope you certainly Enjoy! Listen below and at this link.

Episode 38 (Substantial Interview) Video/Audio

In this Episode 38 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with Maryland Emcee/Producer "Substantial" about his inspirations to be a Hip Hop Artist, growing up in Maryland and how he was able to develop relationships with DMV artists.  He also talks about his new compilation album "What I Been Saying Vol 1" and his efforts and ability to maintain inspiring and uplifting lyrics throughout his career.  He also talks about his work as an Educator and the ways in which is has helped him to grow and benefited his outlook as family man.  He shares his love for producing and the feel it provides, what gets in the way of people living out their full purpose, how he's been able to overcome certain obstacles with resilience, and much more. This interview is close to 2 hours long but definitely worth checking out.  I hope you are inspired! View video above on youtube and listen to audio podcast below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 37 (Cashus King Interview)

In this Episode 37 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with LA Emcee "Cashus King" on a number of topics, including how he first got inspired to rap, meeting fellow LA Emcee "Blu" and developing a friendship. He also talks about the inspirations for his previous Emcee Name "Co$$" and why it changed to "Cashus King" as well as the meaning behind the cash symbolism in the two titles. As the interview continues, "Cashus" takes time to talk about his latest project "Weightless" including the significance of the artwork, the exclamation points in each song title, as well as some other themes the album touches on like, mind power, friendship, gravity and more. Cashus also takes a moment to talk about his unique vocal presence as an Emcee and what inspires his sometimes commanding voice in his music. He also talks about the experience of the "Black American" in response to one of his newest tracks "Triggered, A Beast of No Nation" and delves into more thought provoking topics. Hope that this interview is inspiring! Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 36 (Cril and A-Level Talk Hip Hop News, Current Events, Giving Homage etc.)

In this Brand New Episode of Out Da Box Talks Episode 36, Hosts Cril and A-Level address the passing of the Late talented Malik B of The Roots, Black Thought's upcoming Stream Of Thoughts Vol. 3 with Sean C, Only Built 4 Cuban Links 25 Year Anniversary and anticipation for a Pt. 3, the negative effects of Meme Culture, Respect for Women, updates on anticipated Black Star sophomore album with Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey and Madlib, favorite Nas albums, the potential for a Classic Versuz battle between KRS-One and LL Cool J, or KRS-One and Rakim and more.  View the full Episode at Video above.  Audio podcast now available below

Out Da Box Talks Episode 35 (StaHHr Interview) Video/Audio

Host Cril of Out Da Box interviews native Atlanta Emcee "StaHHr" on a number of insightful topics, including how she first was inspired to emcee,  why her name was initially StaHHr the F.E.M.C.E.E., and why she decided to drop the latter acronym.  She also taks about the inspiration for the the theme and cover art for her first Album "Almost Neva Was", her experience of developing self and growing spiritually throughout different stages of her journey.  She talks about how she first met MF DOOM, to having different features on a number of his Albums including her solo track "Still Dope" appearing on DOOM's "Born Like This " Album, words of advice she received from him and more.  StaHHr also takes the time to talk about her sophomore and most recent LP "Mother Nature with a Molotov", her independent and tireless effort to release that album, the positive impact her music has had on other women and girls, her brand new maxi single release with Crazy DJ Bazarro, potential producers she would like to work with for another album and so much more.  This interview is very indepth.  I certainly had a wonderful time building with StaHHr and look forward to seeing her musical career continue to develop.  Watch Episode at video above, listen to audio podcast below or at this link

Note from producer: This Interview was initially live streamed however there was an echo and my vocals as host came out a lot louder than StaHHr's so I had to edit the video in post production.  You may also recognize moments of background noise in the video, as I was unable to do a proper monitoring of the audio while the stream was live so my apologies for those sounds as well.  I really enjoyed doing this interview and I believe viewers will still be able to view and listen to this interview decently (even with the background noises and audio adjustment) so I certainly hope you enjoy.  

Out Da Box Talks Episode 34 (Wordsworth Interview) Video/Audio

Host Cril fo Out Da Box Talks, interviews Brooklyn Native Emcee "Wordsworth" on his New Book "What Words are Worth Vol. 1", his moving from New York to Florida, becoming a Music Teacher, earning his Masters, working with different producers, his brotherly relationship with Masta Ace, eMC,  his overall growth as a man, as an artist and much more


Out Da Box Talks: Episode 33 (Cymarshall Law Interview)

In this New Episode of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Central New Jersey Emcee "Cymarshall Law" on his New collaboration LP with "Acewonda" entitled "Crossroads", the importance of Self Love, how he's kept his integrity as an artist, his passion and Love for Hip Hop, Fatherhood, Friendship and more.  This is definitely an indepth interview and we certainly hope you are inspired! Listen below and directly at this link