My Name is Corey AKA Cril, I am the Founder and Producer of Out Da Box Media / Out Da Box TV. I created Out Da Box Media as a result of my passion for sharing creative and quality music that was often being overlooked in the mainstream / commercial media. I found this passion during my earlier years as a producer / host at my College Radio Station. Since my graduation, I have worked in the music business for over 6 years. I was an Urban Programming assistant at Music Choice and a Sales Representative at Fat Beats Distribution. Prior to leaving Music Choice in 2007, I helped to launch one of the first Underground hip hop video shows for air on Cable On-Demand. The show entitled “The UnderGrind” was sponsored by vehicle company, Scion and aired in the summer of 2007. Around the same time, my Internship was coming to an end and I had to leave Music Choice. While moving on, I felt the need to fulfill a void and continue to participate creatively in the music business, so I decided to create my own music related website, which spearhead into the creation of my video show “Out Da Box TV”. My diverse love for music has grown enormously since I left Music Choice, and Out Da Box Media has become a successful outlet that has helped to reflect this. With the growth of Out Da Box TV, I’ve been able to connect directly with the people as a result of the wonderful artist interviews I’ve been able to share. It has been an amazing experience and continues to fulfill my passion for sharing quality music each day I progress. I intend to bring my viewers and listening audience the best in Quality and Creativity that Independent Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, and Electronic Artists have to offer.

Contact: Outdaboxmedia@gmail.com

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