Out Da Box Talks Episode 17 (The Last Emperor Interview)

In this in depth Episode of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A Level chat with Philly Super Lyricist "The Last Emperor" about his journey as an Emcee and the beginning stages of his music career going back to his early days signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath, and moving on to Rawkus Records.  He talks about his debut album "Music Magic and Myth" finally being released on Raptivism Records as well how the project came together.  The Last Emperor talks insightfully about some of his struggles and wisdom gained through navigating through the music business while maintaining his  love for the artform of lyricism in Hip Hop and keeping his integrity.  He also gives us a hint into what's next for his music career.  We had the humble pleasure to have an amazing conversation with the brother and certainly hope you enjoy! Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Bonus Episode (A Woman’s Perspective On Hip Hop)

For Women's Month of March, Out Da Box Talks brings you a one of kind episode featuring some special ladies to hosts Cril and A-Level regarding their perspective on Hip Hop, its past, present and future.  Sister's Fabulous Lez, Taliagem and Sister Bea talk insightfully with hosts "Cril and A-Level"  about everything from their 1st experience with hip hop to their favorite Female Emcees, and the state of Women in Hip Hop today.  The ladies also discuss the subject of Sex Appeal in Hip Hop, whether or not there's a limit, and how much is too much.  They also respond to the question around the male's portrayal of women in hip hop and which artist is representing in an inspirational way.  This was indeed a special interview. We chose to have these ladies give their perspective because we wanted to get their take on Hip Hop because we believe that women are just as valuable to the culture as men.  Hopefully this inspires our listeners both male and female to further consider and open their minds to the value and perspective of women in Hip Hop! #HappyWomensHistoryMonth.  

Out Da Box Talks Episode 16 (The John Robinson Interview)

In this Episode 16 of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A-Level start the show off by discussing the topic "Has hustle and business success become more rewarded than conscious subject matter in Hip Hop?" A conversation they dissect from the standpoint of having a passion for the artform of Hip Hop music.  During the full remainder of the show they talk with Emcee "John Robinson" about his journey as an Artist/ business man and how he's been able to keep his integrity throughout the years with his artistry.  John Robinson also gives insight on the importance of Ownership and Enterprising within Hip Hop and drops a number of jewels about being successful going the independent artist route.  This was a very in-depth interview and we really are grateful for J.R. granting us this special phone interview.  Take a listen now. We certainly hope you are inspired!  Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 15 (Mase and P. Diddy, J. Dilla’s Legacy, Story Telling In Rap, Jay Electronica’s New LP)

In the 2nd Episode of 2020, Out Da Box Talks hosts "Cril" and "A Level" converse about the topic "Is There Room For Morality In The Record Business?" A topic inspired from the recent tweet made by 90's Harlem Rapper "Mase" calling out P. Diddy over past business practices he felt was unfair.  We also talk about the late legendary Hip Hop Producer "J-Dilla" and what his legacy has evolved to 14 years after his demise.  We even get into some Dilla music gems.  As the show progresses, Cril and A Level switch themes to talk about "Story Telling In Hip Hop" and how the concept is worthy of Ice Cube's accolades that it is one of the highest levels of emceeing.  A conversation that we can do a whole other show on! We continue the show by giving light to Jay Electronica's anticipated debut album, which according to him, will be released sometime this March.  A Level calls this segment the "Jay Watch" and indeed we're watching to see that it actually comes out on the said date.  We had a wonderful time doing this show and certainly hope you enjoy as well.  Feel free to spread the word about Out Da Box Talks and hit us up if you have any questions or suggestions for topics of the show. We'll be taking guest phone calls alot this year so let us know if you'd like to be on an upcoming show.  Email: OutDaBoxRadioRep@gmail.com.  Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 14

Host Cril and A-Level connect for the 1st episode of 2020 (Season 2) of #OutDaBoxTalks relaunch.  They speak on a variety of topics including the Out Da Box plans for 2020, the recent tragic passing of the great Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, the Grammy Awards of 2020 and Eminem's new LP.  Near the close of the show Cril and A Level take the time to highlight Rappers doing good in hip hop by giving recognition to Emcee "Wordsworth" and his role as a music teacher in middle school.  Be on the lookout for much more insightful episodes this year as well as guest phoners from audience members and artist interviews. Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 13 (Homeboy Sandman Interview)

In this 13th Episode of Out Da Box Talks 2019.  Host Cril talks with Native NYC emcee "Homeboy Sandman" about his latest LP "Dusty" now available on Mello Music Group.  He gives insight on how the album title came to be, his relationship in working with DUSTY's producer "Mono En Stereo" as well as the most valuable things he's learned from his experience releasing music with Stones Throw Records.  At the request of host "Cril", Homeboy Sandman takes the time to explain the meaning behind some of his intriguing lines from songs like "Easy" and "Live and Breathe" and he even expounds on some mindful convo inspired by his recent interview with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 Radio.  If you're a fan of Homeboy Sandman as a creative artist especially his lyrics on DUSTY, this interview will be an insightful one to check for.  Enjoy. Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 12 (Pharoahe Monch’s debut re-release, Yasiin Bey’s New Project etc.)

In this Episode 12 of "Out Da Box Talks", Hosts Cril and A-Level talk about Pharoahe Monch's re-release of his solo debut "Internal Affairs", Yasiin Bey's (Mos Def's) new studio album, De La Soul being one of the most underrated Hip Hop groups and Nas expressing how he's tired of celebrating Illmatic as referenced from his recent interview Haute Living.  Enjoy! Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 11 (Responsibility Of Hip Hop)

In this episode 11 of Out Da Box Talks Hosts Cril and A-Level speak on some of the dope Hip Hop Albums recently released including Little Brother's "May The Lord Watch" as well as Skyzoo and Pete Rock's Retropolitan, Von Pea's "City For Sale" and Ghostface Killah's new LP.  Cril and A-Level also talk about Legendary Emcee "Rakim" and his brand new Book "Sweat The Technique" reflecting on his interview recently with The Breakfast Club.  They also talk about Impact of Hip Hop music and the resonsibility that lies on both the listener and artists.  This is a long but insightful show and we were excited to have this discussion since its been a minute from our last podcast.  Check out the full audio online at Anchor.fm, Spotify or Apple Podcasts by just searching for "Out Da Box Talks".  Props to Break Bred studio in Brooklyn who's location we've recording this epiosde in.  Look for more dope shows from us as 2019 continues.  Listen below and at this link

Out Da Box Talks Episode 10 (Nas, Dapper Dan, Freddie Gibbs, MF DOOM)

In this Episode 10, Out Da Box Talks hosts Cril and A-Level speak on Jaden Smith and dead prez "doing good in hip hop" and the impact of fashion icon "Dapper Dan" coming off the heels of his recent press campaign surrounding his new book "Made In Harlem: A Memoir".  We also talk about the new Freddie Gibbs and Madlib LP "Bandana" and respond to Freddie's recent claims of being a better Rapper than MF DOOM.  Cril and A-Level also take the time to talk about rapper "Nas'" new LP "Lost Tapes 2" and dig into what makes him great as an artist while being aware of what we perceive as mistakes he's made when it comes to choosing beats and producers to work with. This interview definitely goes in-depth on all mentioned subjects.  Enjoy!

Out Da Box Talks Episode 9 (Is Hip Hop Still A Culture?)

In Episode 9 of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A-Level speak on their picks for the best Hip Hop albums of the year (so far) and Talk in depth about whether or not Hip Hop is still viewed as a Culture instead of a Game?  This episode was inspired by a Sway In The Morning interview  which featured the renowned Jungle Brothers hip hop group and sparked the topic of "Hip Hop Culture vs The Game and what happened" for hosts Cril and A-Level to dissect.  This is a topics that we likely see a part 2 episode happening  with and would like to get feedback from our listener base on their opinions.  Definitely feel encouraged to take a listen and enjoy!  Listen below and at this link