Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 23) – J. Rawls

Out Da Box TV - J. Rawls

I first found out about Producer "J. Rawls" a couple of years ago through "John Robinson" on a special podcast mixtape. I believe it was called “The Produce Section” and featured a collection of new and unreleased tracks from John Robinson. J. Rawls actually hosted the tape and had a few guest production tracks featured as well. It actually encouraged me to go a little further and seek out J. Rawls’ music, I learned about his Jazz related “Liquid Crystal Project" as well as some other works. He later did a collab album with John Robinson that further increased my support and interest in his music. A few weeks after I had completed my episode with John Robinson, I was contacted by J. Rawls’ label “Nature Sounds” to do an interview, when he came to town for his album release. Rawls was getting ready to put out his new solo album entitled “The Hip Hop Affect” and I was already inspired by the lead single/video he had with Wise Intelligent and Sadat X. Plus I enjoyed some of his previous music, so I was totally open to interviewing him at the time. We actually had to schedule the interview at a local NY restaurant due to J. Rawls not having a set location. But the restaurant manager agreed and everything worked out well. I’m proud of this interview especially because of the subject matter it deals with, particularly, with regards to educating our youth and making sure we as adults guide them in everything from hip hop to functioning in school. Much props to J. Rawls for putting out a good and purposeful album this year. I had a pleasure building with him for this interview.

Words by: Cril

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