Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 24) – Kendrick Lamar

Out Da Box TV - Kendrick Lamar

Working with “Kendrick Lamar” was something special. He was the first XXL Freshmen of 2011 that I was really into musically. I really liked the way he sounded as an emcee, and I couldn’t wait to get in touch with him when he came out to NY. I actually thought it would be harder to get to him, since he was already building such a great buzz. But when I found out he was coming to NY, I just had to jump on the opportunity. I knew in advance about this show, through one of the actual promoters. I immediately reached out to Kendrick’s management, whom I had been in touch with before, for another event. I made sure to do all the preparations as far in advance, so that I would have the best opportunity to interview Kendrick when he came to NY. I asserted myself professionally and explained to his management that I was serious about achieving this interview. I did not want to be overlooked or taken as lesser important than any other media the night of the interview. So with that said, they definitely kept it official, and I have to give his management stand up props for doing so. When I got to the venue, I set my equipment up downstairs and soon after I learned that Kendrick was in the building. He was actually sitting in a a VIP room, that the club bouncer would not let me into. I literally waited until Kendrick left the room, to alert his road manager. On my immediate connection, his road manager recognized me and right away he brought Kendrick over for the interview. I mean it just worked out smoothly. My Camera had already been set up in another room, and I had to bring Kendrick over to do the interview. Kendrick was extremely cool. He kept it really professional during the interview, and I got the vibe that he was really, really serious about the music he was making and the greater impact he was having on people. Like, “you’re dealing with a real person who has a real mission. He’s definitely not your average rapper”. This brother actually stands for something really meaningful. I truly give my props to him, for just how humble and professional he kept things. Later on that night, he performed and I was fortunate to even get footage of him while on stage. This interview was special to me, specifically because of the vibe that I got. I also asked some very real life / non-typical questions to Kendrick, which I’m sure he appreciated. It was shared online by many of the popular hip hop blogs and received well by a huge variety of viewers and his fans. Some people even said that this was the best interview they’ve seen so far on Kendrick. I was definitely pleased. Thank you so much to Kendrick, His Management, and his fans for making this happen.

Words by: Cril

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