Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 25) – ROY AYERS


I originally found out that “Roy Ayers” was going to be performing at The Highline Ballroom about a month prior, and I was trying to figure out if I should reach out to interview him or female vocalist “Ledisi” who also had a show in NY on that same day. The more I thought about it, I figured it would actually be a really good look for me to do the interview with Roy Ayers that night, since there were so many interesting angles I could approach it from, due to his sample history with hip hop. I mean, Roy is one of the most sampled artist’s of all time by today’s hip hop musicians, so I was extremely excited about this interview. I reached out to his management, and they were really cool and professional in helping to set up the interview. I was able to get my two production partners on the guest list, so the Out Da Box TV team was in full attendance that night. Everything went pretty smooth as far as getting backstage to set up the interview. Roy was extremely cool, and very happy to do the interview. We were even able to catch up with hip hop producer “Pete Rock” who was a special stage guest that evening, and even got a quick interview from him. But as far as Roy, the man just gave us wisdom that night. My partner, ALevel, Germaine and I were all engaged in the conversation and we were in awe of what Roy had to say in the interview. He had such a fun spirit. I almost forgot, were in the room with a legend. I can totally see now why people love him so much. He even imparted some valuable words of guidance to us about the show. It was just a blessing to be in his presence. This interview took me about a full day to edit. I think I started at 10 am that Saturday morning and finished the editing around midnight that day. I really put a lot of work in to making sure it was received well, and it was. I got a huge amount of support from the online music community. A variety of sites that hadn’t posted my shows before, posted and share this episode. My youtube views went further up, and this became the most viewed Roy Ayers interview on Youtube. I was more than pleased.

Words by: Cril

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