Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 26) – ERYKAH BADU


I’m so excited to share this interview with you. This was actually the most special, and probably the most significant interview piece to me. I must let you know that the interview itself took about an entire year to make happen. I reached out to "Erykah Badu’s" Label around the time that her album “New Amerkyah Part 2” came out, and I was doing everything I could possibly do to work an interview out. But at the time, I just wasn’t getting the response I wanted. They kept telling me she wouldn’t be able to do the interview. After a full year of reaching out, I found out she was going to be performing in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the month of July. This time I decided to try another angle, I reached out directly to Erykah’s Publicist, who I had spoken to initially about a year before. I was so determined to interview her that I just was opening up to different approaches for the interview. I kept it real with her publicist and told him about the history of my show along with the year long journey I was on to interview Erykah. I told him I felt I had done everything I could, and by God’s grace, the man heard me. He told me, that we could possibly working something out and that he would check with Erykah about doing the interview after her show. I was so excited because this was the closest I had gotten to an actual interview since I had first reached out a year ago. I can remember getting the email after 12am on a weekday morning, saying that Erykah agreed to do the interview. I was so thankful. I immediately got down on my knees and started praying, giving thanks to the creator and ancestors for working this out. I felt like my hardwork work was really beginning to pay off, I felt that God was rewarding me for it. I felt hope and a strong desire to continue. It was motivating. Weeks leading up to this interview, I would continue to pray and believe and ask the God to guide the interview. My fiancé who has supported me throughout this entire journey was right by my side, as well as my partner ALevel. We set out on a bus ride to Atlantic City, the first time we ever left NYC to do an interview. I was a little nervous for this interview because, I hadn’t received the confirmation for the day, although I was told that I’d be set up, with guest passes and everything to do the interview. But my brother ALevel, my Fiancé and I were all prepared, we had taken our kids to their Grandparents’s house, so we got on that bus and kept it moving. We were moving on faith and determination. When I got to Atlantic City, I made the call again to Erykah’s Publicist, and he finally answered the phone. I told him I was on the boardwalk, and he worked out everything from there. He told us we would be set up to do the interview after the show, so I was definitely happy. We did have a bit of issues getting into the venue, but everything worked out by God’s grace, thanks to Erykah’s publicist and the venue management. As soon as the show was over, we made our way downstairs to meet Erykah backstage. While we waited for her to finish her post show meet-n-greet, my partner Alevel, my fiancé, and I all said a prayer together. I mean, we knew we had went through a journey to get here, and we just wanted to be in good spirtit with the creator, to guide us into the interview. While waiting for Erykah and trying to find an interview space backstage, she suddenly came walking through the backstage hallway and told us we would do the interview in her dressing room. I mean, her presence was so awesome, it’s like she just knew what we were looking for, and everything worked out smoothly from there. The dressing room space was perfect, her presence was so professional, she gave us a great amount of time. Everything seemed so Divine. There were other people in the room but when Erykah spoke the rest of the room was quiet, I had never experienced an interview like this. So professional! The whole vibe was spiritually enriching. Thank you so much to Erykah, her road manager, and publicist for working everything out. I will always be grateful for this interview, and never forget the experience. Also, much thanks to everyone else who supported me, including my Fiancé, my brother ALevel and the rest of my family. I was so happy to share this experience with you. Thanks to all of the fans and online websites who shared this video and commented, It is currently the most viewed Out Da Box TV video online. Much appreciate the support from all of y’all.

Words by: Cril

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