Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 27) – GOAPELE


Okay, so “Goapele” is one of those artists, I’ve always enjoyed. Something about her voice always resonated with me, and I was always fascinated by her background story. I never really saw her as the typical R&B artist, so when I found out she was coming to NY, I saw the opportunity to really work something out with her. There was a bit of back n forth trying to schedule an interview with her initially. I had to go through a variety of different contacts to make this happen, but I finally got word back from someone. They told me “Goapele” would be happy to do the interview, but it would have to take place after her show that night. So I was totally with it.
I got to the venue a little late and Goapele had just went on stage. I had to move quickly to record some of her performance. Fortunately I was able to get some good camera shots of her performing. The venue was packed, but a kind sister in the audience helped me to get a better stage angle, by allowing me to film in front of her. So the performance footage actually worked out well. I was so grateful to that sister for helping out. Immediately after the show, I made my way downstairs to the club V.I.P. area to conduct the interview. I was told by Goapele’s Road Manager to wait a bit for her to get prepared. So I set up all of my equipment in the office lounge area of the venue to get things going. Goapele came soon after to greet me with the brightest smile. I was so happy to meet her. We proceeded to set her up for the interview, and the rest was history. The only thing is that I had a time limit to work with. Her manager told me that she only has 8 minutes to do the interview. So I really had to make everything work as best as possible within that time. That 8 minutes went so fast. I was left a little sad about the time limit but in the end everything worked out fine. The interview piece was received well online, and I actually got a sufficient amount of footage to put out a successful piece. I was definitely pleased in the long run. Thanks to Goapele and her manager.

Words by: Cril

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