Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 28) – Willie Evans Jr.

Out Da Box TV - Willie Evans Jr.

I first found out about "Willie Evans Jr." through "Sucio Smash" of High Water Music. A couple years ago, High Water was beginning to introduce people to the music of Willie. I became more and more familiar with Willie Evans’ name but I did not yet know the depth of his music. Some weeks before Willie’s album “Introducin” was released, the homie “J Kim” had reached out to set up an interview. At the time, I didn’t have an open schedule to do the interview, so I told him to get back to me when Willie came back to NY. He did so, a little closer to the album release and I was able to set up the interview then. The interview took place in the Bronx on the same day of Willie’s Introducin’ video shoot. Everything worked out really cool that evening, Sucio was also there for the interview. They were both cool in making sure everything was set up right. We had a really fun time during the interview. It was a hot summer day. I thank Willie and Sucio for being so cool, and allowing me to film with the A.C. off to get a clearer audio quality. The interview was received really well and we even offered an exclusive song download as an addition to the interview. The track is entiled “Introducin (The Paten Locke Rebox)” and you can find the free download link at the top of the video description box on youtube. Much Props to J Kim, Willie and Sucio for this.

Words by: Cril

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