Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 29) – ELZHI

Out Da Box TV - ELZHI

This interview worked out pretty fast. I had a little difficulty at first trying to get a response from “Elzhi’s” management, but on the day of his SOBs show, they responded and told me that I could try for an interview after the show, but they couldn’t guarantee me an interview. As you’ve noticed throughout the year, I’ve always pushed for opportunity, so I took myself down to SOBs to connect with Elzhi and his management at the show that night. After the show, I went directly to Elzhi’s manager and he allowed me a brief interview with El. The interview was really short, like literally 5 minutes all together, but everything ended up working fine in the long run. I appreciate Elzhi and his management for granting me the brief time. The piece was received well online by a number of the popular Hip Hop music blogs.

Words by: Cril

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