Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 30) – M.E.D. (Medaphoar)

Out Da Box TV - M.E.D. (Medaphoar)

During the week of CMJ, I found out in the last minute that Stones Throw Records was throwing an official CMJ Showcase in NY. I knew right away that I wanted to attend this event. I’ve been an avid fan and supporter of a variety of Artists signed to Stones Throw, so I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. I immediately reached out to them in request of interviewing a couple of their artists’ scheduled to perform at the show. I specifically wanted to interview "M.E.D." and "J. Rocc" that evening. The label was really cool in allowing me to film at the event and Stones Throw’s Road Manager made it easy for me to have access as press that night. My good friend “Alfie” came out to support me that night. I really appreciated him for that. We were fortunate to get a successful interview with M.E.D. but not J. Rocc as he had dipped out of the event soon after his set. But the M.E.D. interview worked out great. He was really cool and down to earth during the interview. He had a really easy-going vibe about things. The interview 1st aired on the day of M.E.D.’s Release for his newest Album, “CLASSIC”. I was totally pleased with the outcome and very happy to finally work with a dope artist from Stones Throw.

Words by: Cril

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