Best of Out Da Box TV (Day 31) – Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner

Out Da Box TV - Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner

I originally heard about “Thundercat” through “Erykah Badu” via Twitter. She was biggin’ up his new album “The Golden Age Of Apocalypse” so I figured I’d seek it out and give it a listen. I was definitely moved by the project. The music vibe was so smooth and fulfilling to listen to, that I immediately enjoyed it. When I started doing some research on “Thundercat” I found out that he was already connected to artists I was already checking for, so it all just came together well. One day I was doing my usual music web browsing and I came across a flyer that “Thundercat” was going to be in NY later that night. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and reached out to a few of my networks to make it happen. I eventually connected with “The JAE.B Group” who were actually co-promoting the event and they allowed me access to the event for an interview. They also asked me to do a recap video of the event as promo for the show, and I agreed. Everything worked out fine as far as the interview and other aspects of filming that night. I gotta give props to my good friend “Alfie” again who came out to the event to support me with production. Thundercat’s interview was received well online and Erykah Badu even shared it were her fans on facebook. That was really cool.

Words by: Cril

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