Out Da Box TV – Dilated Peoples talk Directors Of Photography LP

Its been almost over a year since we released our last Out Da Box TV Episode and I am happy to announce that today we will be relaunching the show. We’ll be giving you the same valuable content under a slightly different format.
So, to kick off the relaunch officially, our first episode features a group who themselves are actually relaunching as well, comprising of 3 talented artists by the collective name of “Dilated Peoples”. We got a chance to speak with members Evidence and Babu in reference to their upcoming album entitled “Directors Of Photography”. They gave some insightful words about their experiences as a group along with their goals, set out for the music on their new album. “Rakaa Iriscience” the other emcee member of the group, was unable to make the interview but Ev and Babu held it down for the homie during the time. This interview is a must see for fans of Dilated, especially those anticipating the release of their new album. So take a moment to kick back for 7 mins and check out this special new Out Da Box TV inteview with DP. Thank you for supporting us always. Enjoy!

Out Da Box TV – A-Alikes Interview (Part 1 & 2)

After quite a bit of a hiatus, Out Da Box TV returns with a special 2 Part episode featuring Revolutionary rap group the “A-Alikes”. Made up of emcee’s K and Ness, most are probably familiar with the group through the affiliation with their politcally outspoken comrades “deadprez“. Fresh off the release of their new EP entitled “Us Against Them” the duo humbly spoke with us on a number of thought provoking topics that affect the working class, black, brown and poor in the world today. They spoke on the significance of their EP’s title “Us Against Them” in defining who represents “Us” and who represents “Them”. We also discussed the ongoing fight for the people to achieve justice and freedom despite the stopping and drifting from protest, when all the media hype dies down. We also spoke on the cycle of struggle that the working class has unfortunately continued to endure, the idea of working one’s entire life and having nothing to show for it after retirement, which is a theme that rings loud and clear in their EP’s lead single “Whole Life”. The duo also spoke about their RBG comrades “dead prez” and the musical influences the group had on them, as well as K and Ness’ desire to eat healthier in this day of GMO affected foods and poor diet in the working class community. It was indeed a great pleasure to have such an meaningful conversation with the “A-Alikes”. Check out Part 1 above and Part 2 below. Feel free to pick up their latest EP entitled “Us Against Them” and share or post our exclusive interview with the group if you like what you see. Also be sure to check out our newly launched audio podcast entitled “Out Da Box Radio” by clicking the radio show tab on outdaboxmedia.com. Much Thanks for supporting Out Da Box always. Enjoy!


Out Da Box TV – Angel Haze Interview (Video)

For this month of February, Out Da Box TV features Detroit, Michigan’s rising female emcee “Angel Haze”. We caught up with Angel earlier this year, who spoke to us briefly about her beginnings as an artist, making the move from Detroit to NY, and the overall impact of her honest and emotionally moving song “Cleaning Out My Closet”. Angel Haze’s latest mixtape EP entitled “Classick” is currently out now and features “Cleaning Out My Closet” as well as a few other songs which include fresh Angel Haze vocals over instrumentals of famous hip hop tracks. Please take the time to check out our brief but insightful interview with Angel her self, and be on the look out for her debut album to be released sometime later this year. Enjoy!

Out Da Box TV – Robert Glasper talks “Black Radio” Success (Video)

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a very special interview, to help start the New Year. We were fortunate to speak with Grammy Nominated Jazz Pianist /Composer “Robert Glasper” while on tour last year. He took the time to speak about his humble beginnings of being introduced to music, and eventually finding a passionate career with the art form. He also spoke in-depth about his much praised and successful award nominated album “Black Radio”, touching on everything from the significance of the title to the impact the project had on both the young and old generations of listeners. Robert also took the time to highlight the importance and contribution of each member of his band, the “Robert Glasper Experiment”. As the interview progressed, Rob took a moment to give some exciting insight into his future music plans, which include a possible collabo project with renowned Hip Hop Emcee “MF DOOM” and the likelihood of a “Black Radio Volume 2” to come. With so much happening around this brother’s career, all I can do is support and anticipate much of the wonderful things to come from him musically. Black Radio was my favorite Soul album of 2012 and I truly hope to see Rob bring home a Grammy as well as any of the other prestigious awards (BET, Soul Train etc.) he’s nominated for this year. If you don’t yet own a copy of “Black Radio” please feel free to pick one up. The music is definitely a rewarding experience and I doubt you’ll be disappointed. In the meantime, please take the time to view this insightful interview with “Robert Glasper” himself and continue to support Quality Music. Happy New Year!

Dead Prez talk Health / Let’s Get Free (Part 2) – Out Da Box TV

As promised, Out Da Box TV brings you Part 2 of our exclusive interview with veteran hip hop group “dead prez”. In this segment, the group speaks on the issue of overcoming struggle and what to prepare to combat next, as war continues to be waged against humanity. Stic.man also speaks on the importance of health/fitness and the benefits of his “workout motivated music” to the culture at large. The group also took a moment to set the record straight on the possibility of creating a new millennium version of their classic debut “Let’s Get Free”, affirming that their job is never to stand still but always to move forward and embrace change. In closing, M1 and Stic.man took the time to speak on their musical legacy and what they’d like to be remembered for, when looking back on their career. It was indeed a great honor and a pleasure to work with these brothers. I appreciated their humble time and intelligence given to this interview. Please take the time to check out this segment, as well as Part 1 if you haven’t seen it yet. We hope that this piece will serve as an inspiration to you. Enjoy!

Out Da Box TV – Dead Prez talks Information Age / Career Growth (Part. 1)

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you Part 1 of our exclusive interview with veteran hip hop group “Dead Prez”. A couple months ago we got the chance to speak with Stic Man and M1 regarding their latest album “Information Age” as well as their individual development and growth as artists. The group also took the time to speak on the effect of Barack Obama’s first term (what we should’ve learned?), as well as the issue of apathy and violence re-occuring among young americans. As the interview progressed, Dpz took the time to reflect on the success of their “Turn Off The Radio” mixtapes, as well as their loyalty as a group, remaining comrades/partners in music for so many years. This was definitely one of my more rewarding interviews for Out Da Box TV, and it turned out to be pretty extensive, so I decided to release it in two parts. Next week, I will release Part 2 which will be just as insightful. In the meantime, check out this in-depth Part 1 and feel free to leave us any feedback or comments you have in mind. Dead Prez recently released their latest album “Information Age” which is now available via itunes or amazon digitally. Feel free to purchase and support their always conscious and evolving movement towards the People’s Upliftment. Enjoy!

Out Da Box TV – Brother Ali interview (Part 1 & 2)

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a very special interview with Minneapolis Emcee “Brother Ali”, who recently released his new politically charged album with Producer “Jake One” entitled “Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color”. We were fortunate to speak with Ali on a number of thought provoking topics, dealing with the significance of the album’s full title, the benefits of the recent #Occupy Movements and the effects of being an Albino in this society. The 2nd Part of the interview touches on the upcoming US Presidential election and where “we the people” should be placing our faith whether Obama gets re-elected or not, Ali even takes the time to offer some solutions to the people despite our current circumstances relating to Unemployment and the effect of Low Paying Jobs. There’s so much depth in this interview that I had to break it up into 2 parts, so I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch both segments when you get a half & hour or so free. Much thanks to all my Out Da Box TV fans and supporters, this one is for the people! We hope you are inspired! Read below to check our Part 2.

For Part 2
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Out Da Box TV – Jneiro Jarel talks JJ DOOM album with MF DOOM

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a special new interview with Producer/Emcee “Jneiro Jarel” who is also known as Dr. Who Dat? and J.J. of JJ DOOM. We caught up with Jneiro last month for what would be His First TV Interview, coincidentally taking place on the actual day he released his highly anticipated collabo LP with the interesting Illustrious Emcee “MF DOOM”. Together, Jneiro and DOOM are known as JJ DOOM and have released a new album entitled “KEY TO THE KUFFS”. In our sit down with Jneiro. he took the time to speak in-depth about the new JJ DOOM album and what is was like working alongside MF DOOM. He touched on a number of topics related to the project, including how he first met DOOM, to building a chemistry and structure for the album, as well as his favorite recording moments, and the production of the album’s skits. We were also fortunate to gain a short interview feature with another artist who contributed to the album, by the name of “Boston Fielder”. Boston gave us some insight into the role he played on a couple of the album’s tracks. . As the interview progressed, Jneiro took some time to speak on his signature sound and give a bit of history on his experience in the music business.. In conclusion, he also gave us a hint on what’s next for his music career. It was definitely an honor and a pleasure to interview such a talented brother. Please feel free to cop the new JJ DOOM album and support especially if you like the music. In the meantime, check out our in-depth interview with Jneiro Jarel as he goes in on all things JJ DOOM and other necessities regarding his history as an artist. Please feel free to spread the word. Enjoy!

Out Da Box TV – SY SMITH Interview (Video)

This week Out Da Box TV is happy to bring you a brand new interview with the beautiful and talented Soul Vocalist “Sy Smith”. We were fortunate to speak with Sy back in May, when she visited NY for a show she had with Detroit Producer “Zo”. She took the time to speak with us about her new album “Fast and Curious” and how she benefited from working with “Mark de Clive-Lowe” as the project’s main producer. Among more intimate subjects, Sy shared with us a time when she sought chasing her dreams and realized it was fortunately turning into a reality. She even took the time to give some words of advice to struggling couples, by sharing from the success of her experience with marriage. Sy concluded the interview with thoughts on future goals she’d like to achieve in her singing career as well as the legacy she hopes to leave behind as an artist / individual. We even get to see a clip of Sy performing her Zo collaborated cover of the song “Driving” at Drom Nightclub in NY. It was indeed a great pleasure to connect with Sy for such an awesome interview. Her new album “Fast and Curious” is available now, and is sure to keep you up-beat and happy, especially in downer moments. Definitely feel free to pick up when you get the chance. In the meantime, check out our insightful interview with the Woman herself. Enjoy!

Out Da Box TV – Jeff Bradshaw speaks on new album “Bone Appetit”

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a special new interview with Philly based Trombone Player/ Singer “Jeff Bradshaw”. Jeff released his sophomore LP entitled “Bone Appetit” earlier this year and we were fortunate to speak with him a few months back. He took the time to talk to us about his musical journey and starting out with the Trombone as his instrument of choice. He also expressed his motivation for returning to produce a new album after touring for over 8 years, since the release of his debut “Bone Deep”. We even got a chance to capture some cool performance footage of Jeff at his New York City Album release party. His new album “Bone Appetit” was released on Hidden Beach Records on April 24th and features a wide variety of talented guest vocalists such as Marsha Ambrosius, Raheem Devaughn, Kindred The Family Soul, Maysa, The Floacist, Coko, Ms Jade and more. This is definitely one of our favorite jazz/soul albums released this year, in similarity to Robert Glasper Experiment’s successful Black Radio project. Jeff does what he’s known for best, leading the way as Trombonist and often singing throughout the entire album. It’s a project certainly worthwhile checking for. In the meantime however, definitely take a look at our insightful interview with the man himself. Enjoy!