Eric Lau – The Mission EP feat. Guilty Simpson (Album Review)

The Artist:
Eric Lau is a British Music Producer from London, England. His production style is characterized by heavy drums, often unrecognizable samples and a mixture of live and sequenced instrumentation.

Guilty Simpson is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan, previously known as Guilt. He is signed to Stones Throw Records and is also known for being a favorite of the late great producer “J. Dilla”. He has collaborated on projects with Madlib (OJ Simpson) as well as with Black Milk and Sean Price as part of the Rap Trio “Random Axe”. His major influences are Big Daddy Kane, N.W.A., Scarface and Kool G Rap

The Review:

Okay, I’ve been hearing about Eric Lau for quite a while now, but it wasn’t till recently like last year, I decided to give some of his music a listen. I was definitely happy I did so! His music is so smooth and soulful. I just love the vibe that it brings! He decided to collaborate with Guilty Simpson for a full EP, as a result of him being a fan of Guilt and working with him in the past. I am glad they chose to collaborate. Guilty is known for having a grittier sound but he also finds a way to blend vocally on these smoothed out tracks, without compromising his street authenticity within the music. It sounds like straight raw music with a mellow vibe, if that makes any sense. One of my favorite tracks is “He Said, She Said” where Guilty paints an eloquent audio picture of two stories between a man and a woman who go through issues of betrayal and cheating and the consequences each faced. The verses are short but really constructed poetically well.
Another track that stands out is the single “Yesterday” which features vocalists Fatima and Olivier Daysoul. Guilty gives us another interesting Street Tale, that warns about the troubles and consequences of living the street life. Also, Eric Lau delivers very successfully with the beat as well. I mean there are really no unlistenable tracks on this project. Yes it’s short, but it's also memorable. The music flows from one to the next and it feels as though Eric Lau put a lot into the instrumentals to create the flow, especially within the vocal tracks that feature Guilty Simpson. If you’re looking for something to zone out to with some thoughtful subject matter to reflect on, this is the project. This album was released on UK based record label “Kilawatt Music”. Here is a link to their site where you can stream the entire project as well a link to purchase the ep on itunes. Definitely worth coppin’ and only under $7.

The Mission EP - Stream

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