Out Da Box Talks Podcast: Episode 22 (POW BUNDY Interview)

In this Episode 22 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril chats with Ohio Hip Hop duo "POW BUNDY", comprised of 2 Emcees (Cas Metah and Blast Mega). The interview mainly focuses on themes and topics addressed in their New Self Titled LP released in late March of this year. The duo starts off the interview by giving a brief history on how they initially met and came together for the "Pow Bundy" album. They also talk about the significance of the "Married With Children/ Al Bundy" theme which is showcased on the cover art and how the Bundy name correlates with the Blue Collar/ Working Class message of the album. The duo also break down the meanings behind certain songs and lines on the album as the interview continues.  There's so much to uncover in listening to this "Pow Bundy" LP but one thing is for sure, is that it speaks clearly on the injustices and and common struggles of the working class, blue collar majority. If you're into thought provoking Hip Hop, expressive of social political and economic challenges of the people then this "Pow Bundy" album is certainly worth a listen. It's definitely cohesive in the theme and represents Hip Hop in its most outspoken form. Hope this interview is inspiring! Check out the interview below and at the link

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