StaHHr – Mother Nature With A Molotov: Molotov Season (Album Review)

Its been a few years since ATL female Emcee "Stahhr" released her debut album “Almost Neva Was”, so I’ve been quite anticipating her follow up LP, but really wasn’t expecting it to come so soon. I guess I’ve just been a little out of the loop with her career recently. But it’s finally here now! Yes, StaHHr released her sophomore album entitled “Mother Nature With A Molotov” on April 23rd of this year. Just the title alone implied that this project was gonna be raw.

The album starts with a fresh introduction from The Coalescence Emcee Kil Ripkin and moves swiftly into her first single “Crown” which works pretty well as an intro track, as it sets the tone for much more rawness to come through out the album. Veteran Emcee “Planet Asia” closes the track with an interlude and StaHHr jumps right into track 3 entitled “Sankofa”. Now this is the track that really grabbed my attention and may very well be one of my favorites on the album. I just love the smoothness of the beat (prod. by Calzone) and StaHHr just rides the rhythm so well that it only helps to showcase her great strengths as an emcee.

Track 4, which is another favorite of mine, gets even smoother and reminds me of some of the more mellow tunes heard on her debut album. It has a chillout vibe that’s reminiscent of J Dilla and 9th Wonder’s signature sounds, and StaHHr flows effortlessly while delivering quality with regards to subject matter. The 2nd verse starts off strongly with the following lines - “You talk reckless - but softer than a pearl necklace, we out of balance - let’s correct it, stay connected, we resurrect bliss then over on the next mish, the womb must be protected and respected-ashe.“ At this point in the album I’m already turned on to the overall vibe. Throughout different parts of the project you also hear other interludes in which artists give respect and motivation to StaHHr, giving their stamp of approval to her work.

In addition, she has a few special tracks, which also feature fellow emcees that sound pretty fresh as well, from John Robinson to Del The Funky Homosapien, Ekundayo and Nomadic The Poet. But the posse cut that I really like best is the one that features female emcees Eagle Nebula and Boog Brown, as well as the brother emcee from the StrongHold Crew “C-Rayz Walz”. The track is titled “In It Never Of It”. The song seems to be about each artist reflecting on their struggles and experience of the past to recognize the power they have to bring forth peace and happiness today. Boog Brown and C-Rayz deliver some really stellar lyrics on this one!

One of the final tracks that really stands out to me is track 17 which is actually the title track off the album, and Producer Lex Boogie just creates the perfect soundtrack for StaHHr to go in like a lyrical beast. In a clever line, she rhymes “Magnetic Force field - bending them spoons, Hotter than a Bikram Studio in June” and goes on to drop yet another dope quotable, as she spits - “Don’t get it twisted cause I roll with the mystics/ I will sauté, flambe and serve you with a biscuit”. If it’s one thing that is surely present and consistent on this album is the raw and thought provoking lyricism which comes well infused with some soulful and funky production. Now this is a great representation of hip hop in my book! You could tell that StaHHr took her dedicated time to select the producers and create the best possible sound for the project. As far as the lyrics, there’s a whole lot to quote on here, but it may take some repeated listens to grasp the meaning behind some of her words, however it’s well worth it. If you’re a true lyricist head like me, it’s also worthy to note that when you purchase this album from bandcamp, you can read the lyrics to each song after synching to your ipod.

I gotta give much props to sister Stahhr for not only delivering as a quality artist but for delivering and being on point on her independent business game. It means so much in the grand scheme of things, when you can connect directly and effectively with some of your favorite artists and not have to worry about some of the political BS that holds records from coming out and granting the accessibility to purchase them. So that’s my review, definitely feel free to pick up this brilliant new album from Stahhr. She’s one of the few female emcees I really enjoy for the simple reason that she keeps it true to herself and true to hip hop. She’s displays great intelligence as an emcee and I can definitely dig that. Prior to purchasing the album, you can also stream the music over at Stahhr's bandcamp page. Let us know what you think, and definitely support Quality Music whenever you can.

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