Wordsworth – The Photo Album (Album Review)

It has been almost a decade (8 years to be exact) since we last heard a solo project from veteran lyricist “Wordsworth”. So when I found out he was set to release a new album this summer, it was refreshing to hear. Officially entitled “The Photo Album”, Wordsworth’s new project starts off with a track called “Destiny” which re-introduces us to his lyrical process and confirms that as an emcee he’s still got it! The second track “Until I Win” takes a reminiscent story telling approach, with a laid back beat provided by Philly’s Beat Society Producer “Hezekiah”. Track 3, as well as many others, follow along in the same format.

What I love about this album the most is Wordsworth’s ability to display experiences of everyday struggles through rhyme, whether it be from his own reality or from others he chooses to speak on vicariously. Generally, the beats on this album are decent, and very soulful at best. However, there are some tracks that really standout, particularly those produced by Hezekiah, The Are, and Apollo Brown (tracks 2,4,5,9,15,16). In fact I would go as far to say that I’d love to hear an actual full length project or at least a Collabo EP from Wordsworth and Producer Apollo Brown. AB gets it, the samples he chooses to chop for hooks, just work! On tracks like "Joy and Pain" as well as on "Vanish" which features Emcees Masta Ace & Punchline, Apollo Brown's production succeeds in helping to lift the presence of the emcees.

Throughout the album you’ll hear a variety of melodic hooks from Wordsworth himself as well as from many other vocal talents at times (Range Da Messanger, Princess J, Meleni Smith), while this helps to make the overall listening experience much easier, it also sometimes distracts you from grasping all that Wordsworth has to offer in his lyrics. So, I strongly urge you to pay some close attention to the verses, as there are some interesting moments within the rhymes for you to catch.

Overall this album just has a nice, feel good vibe to it. Nothing too serious or too wild! It proves that Wordsworth is still very capable of gettin’ it in as an emcee and prepares us hopefully for much more music to come from him in the near future, I would say a collabo Apollo Brown EP would be a great next step. Whatever it maybe, I certainly look forward to, and wish this brother much continued success in the future. "The Photo Album" is now available digitally via Itunes and physically through FatBeats and UGHH. Feel free to pick up if you got the bread.

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